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Objective: Introduce Chevy Dealers across the U.S. to the All-New Silverado... and the biggest launch in Chevrolet's history.

A spin on the traditional internal meeting, the Silverado Launch Premiere was a game changer – an exciting, out-of-the-box way to communicate with dealers. What was once an internal Q4 "Leaders" meeting became a 70-minute film unpacking the launch of the All-New Silverado. Shown exclusively to Chevy Dealers at movie theaters across the country, the film featured messaging from Chevy's Leadership team, new marketing initiatives, and a dozen celebrity cameos... This experience was incredibly successful and was the most robust internal communications initiative to date.

Location: Broadcasted in movie theaters across the U.S.

Audience: B2B, Employee Engagement

Scope: Creative Director, Lead Scriptwriter

Partners: Commonwealth // McCann

Please request to view the film in its entirety. 


Silverado Launch Premiere

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