GalaxyS6 Launch+ 

Employee Training

Objective: Educate and engage T-Mobile advocates and reps on the new Samsung Galaxy S6 in a fun, relaxed and contextual learning environment.

Activating in 15 key markets across the U.S., we created a unique, one-of-a-kind, buzz-worthy experience that honored T-Mobile's most eager national advocates and associates, amplifying their love for Samsung (both internally and beyond). The Galaxy S6 is the device for people that “do,” and what better way to learn about the device than to actively experience it through the customer’s eyes?

In each city, 75 to 150 T-Mobile guests were invited to "experience their city with Six Appeal." We divided guests into small groups and provided each team with a brand new GS6 device with our custom-designed Android app, tailored to each city. Within the span of two hours, our guests visited five unique locations across one square mile, experiencing the GS6 first-hand, equipping them with the knowledge they’d need to hit the sales floor. Each location accompanied a mission, challenging guests to get to know five key features of the device: Design, Performance, Display, Camera and the “Power of Three.” Once the teams completed their missions, they were invited back to the "Big Reveal" location, kicking off the T-Mobile advocacy program with a few special surprises. 


Location: 15 Major U.S. Markets

Channel: Employee Training

Audience: T-Mobile Employees

Scope: Content Creation, UX/Live Experience Design