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Jack Morton


Orange Grove

Objective: Create a way to bring 6+ satellite offices together, through culture, communication and engaging content, while providing an online portal for key agency resources across Marketing, HR and more.

To solve a major internal communications need, I suggested the creation of an online portal – a one-stop shop for agency news and resources. Across multiple versions, I've led the effort to create this portal, from concepting and designing the site and its UX, to creating and managing online content and monthly email communications. 


While the site began as a resource for Detroit and its satellite offices, it was so successful that, in June 2017, it replaced the MyJack brand portal as the single international Brand Marketing, HR and cultural resource for all Jack offices. 

To bring this web property to every office across the globe, I also became Digital Producer / Project Manager, managing stakeholders in multiple geographies and disciplines, including the 3rd party development team. 

The site continues to enjoy widespread global use, with thousands of hits per day, providing access to social photos, shout outs, case studies, brand assets, HR information, employee profiles, and more. 

Location: Internal to Jack Morton Worldwide (global)

Channel: Employee Engagement

Scope: Creative Director, Producer, Web Designer

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